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American whiskey shop: Go for your perfect drink

Do you still believe American whiskey is nothing but Jack Daniel’s? Even though it’s the best-selling brand of American whiskey worldwide, the local whiskey market goes far beyond it. As one of the most ambitious whisky-making countries, the USA offers a raft of whiskey styles to choose from. With American craft distillers experimenting a lot more with distillation, grains, and maturation techniques, you can enjoy highly varied and ravishing drinks.

Whether you love well-balanced drinks or a sweeter end of the USA spirit range, Liquor & Whisky Shop has a plethora of options to offer. Think bourbon, rye whiskey, single and vatted malt whiskey, corn drinks, and more. 

Whatever type of American-made whiskey you go for, it’ll excite your taste buds with a rich palate of fruits, spices, and barrel notes. You can drink it neat, on the rocks, or mixed. Since whiskey is the main ingredient of many legendary cocktails, you can even pamper yourself or your loved ones with Manhattan and other whiskey-based drinks.

Select the style of whiskey made in the USA

While some may say whiskey is about five different drinks, this number is much higher. And the best way to discover your ideal whiskey is to taste different types for yourself.

As a well-stocked American whiskey shop, we have the most enjoyable whiskies touted by connoisseurs. Choose your one by following this brief style guide:

  • Straight whiskey. It consists of 51% of one grain and 49% of a blend of other grain crops.

  • Bourbon whiskey. This iconic whiskey from the USA is made up of 51% of corn. In the case of wheated bourbon, corn is replaced by wheat. The drink is aged from 2 years. Dyes and flavorings are a definite no-no here.

  • Corn whiskey. It’s a grain distillate made from 80% or more corn. Aging is optional.

  • Tennessee sour mash whiskey. As the name of this style is enclosed in its location, it must be only produced in Tennessee. It’s easily distinguished by slow filtration through coals made from burning sugar maple.

  • Blended whiskey. On top of straight whiskey, it contains neutral spirits, dyes, and flavors for a mixed beauty.

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Most styles of USA whiskeys stand out with spice and vanilla sweetness thanks to charred oak barrels they’re aging in. Plus, a smooth and opulent palate of exotic fruits, citrus, and berries with delicate notes of caramel endow these drinks with soft tannins and excellent acidity.

The price of American whiskey varies depending on the brand, region, style, and aging. From sweet Tennessee whiskey to spicy rye, you can choose everything that seems to suit you most. Scroll through our American whisky collection to decide what your whisky of choice is.


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